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Many of the top attractions in Snowmass highlight the region’s breathtaking natural scenery. Whether you’re standing alongside one of the area’s pristine alpine lakes or gazing at the latest work of art crafted by a local artist, the options in Snowmass cater to a variety of interests.

Wonder at the towering aspens and evergreens that surround a hiking trail or soak in views from the comfort of your vehicle as you embark on a road trip along Independence Pass. With access to extreme sports as well as scenic drives and cozy cafes, you can see the top attractions in Snowmass your way.

Aside from its many outdoor attractions, Snowmass also has an artsy side. Consider spending time at sites such as the Anderson Ranch Arts Center or the John Denver Sanctuary to bring out your own artistic flair. Taking an art workshop or enjoying a peaceful stroll alongside boulders engraved with song lyrics are unique ways to enjoy yet another side of Snowmass. Explore more of Snowmass’s top attractions below!