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Anderson Ranch Arts Center

When Snowmass, Colorado is mentioned, it’s likely that visions of snowy mountain peaks and sweeping valleys come to mind. Whether you’re a ski enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer who dabbles in all forms of exploration, Snowmass is a scenic space of opportunity worth enjoying year-round. It’s also a destination that has long sparked creative inspiration in artists of all types, motivations, and medium specialties. Those looking to learn more about how to create on a professional level in the Snowmass area find amazing resources and education at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

A Space to Create and Thrive

The Anderson Ranch Arts Center is located at 5263 Owl Creek Drive in Snowmass Village. This one-of-a-kind artistic and educational destination has been a staple in the area since 1966 when ceramist Paul Soldner decided the valley and surrounding community deserved a place where aspiring artists could learn, create, and truly expand their talents. The Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass was transformed from a vision into a reality at the hands of a group of artists ranging from woodworkers and sculptors to photographers and painters. The center was founded on a belief that students learned more in smaller classes and in an environment where art is treated as a solid career path to follow. To achieve this, the center held fast to a commitment to keeping studios open 24/7 to accommodate any moment inspiration might hit and focused on the value of creating art as something to share with others.

The Anderson Ranch Arts Center Today

What started as more of a summer workshop program quickly grew into a full-fledged year-round art center which is what it remains today. Students from near and far come to study their artistic talents and learn from world-class instructors as well as from each other in the classroom. Visiting artist projects and specialized workshops fill the Anderson Ranch Arts Center calendar while children’s programs invite younger generations to begin thinking towards the potential of an artistic future. It’s collection of studios, dining halls, ranch-style classrooms, and breathtaking scenery help The Anderson Ranch Arts Center appeal to a multitude of talented individuals from across the map.

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