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The John Denver Sanctuary

Aspen and the Snowmass area of Colorado have long been mountain destinations that speak directly to adventurers with a spirit pulling them towards the great outdoors. Whether it’s a winter getaway here spent skiing or a summer journey that makes hiking, biking, and rock climbing top priorities—nature offers up much to admire and learn from when you’re in the area. While these destinations inspire modern travelers, they’ve also been the inspiration behind some well-known tunes, particularly those crafted by the artist John Denver. Whether you love his music or are looking to capture that same feeling he found in the mountains during his lifetime—both can be appreciated with a stop at The John Denver Sanctuary the next time you’re visiting Aspen.

Music, Nature, and Honoring the Artist

During his lifetime, John Denver held a passion for music and the environment close to heart, and both were easily indulged from his home in Aspen. Here, nature gave way to melodies that would go on to become hits that spanned the decades. After his untimely death in 1998, Jeff Woods, the man who managed the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Aspen at that time, initiated the idea of creating a natural sanctuary where John Dever’s life, music, and work on behalf of the environment could be appreciated for years to come. A 4.5-acre site was officially dedicated that same year at 470 Rio Grande Place in Aspen and today, it stands as a beautiful testament to John Denver as well as a place that welcomes visitors from around the world.

What to Enjoy at the John Denver Sanctuary

This meticulously crafted sanctuary is located next to the Roaring Forks River and is dotted with boulders that have Denver’s song lyrics engraved on their surfaces. Man-made wetlands, streams, and flower gardens fill the sanctuary, creating a colorful place of blooms ideal for a picnic underneath a canopy of shade trees. From The John Denver Sanctuary, visitors can access hiking trails and also take time to admire the John Denver Shrine. A tribute to Denver’s life happens at the sanctuary each October, to keep the artist’s memory and music alive and well.

Enjoy the Best of Colorado

When you find yourself in beautiful Snowmass, be sure you’ve booked with the best. Contact Timberline Condominiums today to learn more about our vacation rentals options and services and to begin planning your trip to The John Denver Sanctuary. The mountains are calling, so turn travel plans into a reality today!