When the first snow of the year falls to the ground, some travelers find reasons to book a vacation to sunnier destinations. Others find every reason to run towards the fresh powder and look for getaways where even more snow can be enjoyed! If your idea of an amazing winter getaway comes with soaring mountain peaks, sweeping valley views, and a long list of options for outdoor fun, then Snowmass is the place to be this year.

Complete with plenty of snow, an incredible ski culture, and options for exploration that are sure to thrill, Snowmass Colorado winter brings the best right to you. No matter when in the season you make your way this direction, a trip to Snowmass promises to have a little something for everyone on the adventure front.

Explore the Base Village

Year-round, time spent in the Snowmass Base Village is bound to please, but there’s something particularly exciting about this area during the winter months. The village has a way of exuding mountain-town charm this time of year and taking a stroll through the area offers up plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with fellow travelers as well as check out unique shops. During winter, this area hosts a fun ice skating rink as well where friends and families can gather to test their balance and enjoy memories made on the ice!

Check Out Incredible Dining Stops

While many visitors come to Snowmass to make the most of the great outdoors during a winter getaway, all of the activities here have a way of leading towards a robust appetite eventually! Fortunately, Snowmass is an oasis of flavorful fun when it comes to picking and choosing between local dining stops to enjoy. Our restaurant on-site with alpine cuisine, in winter 20/21 is open every day for dinner from 4 pm to 9 pm, and on weekends we offer lunch from 11 am and then dinner to 9 pm. Check our menu on www.theedgesnowmass.com.
While you don’t have to look far to find local fare, Snowmass also hosts a variety of restaurants that feature the best of global cuisine selections. Whether you’re in the mood for German favorites or mouthwatering Sushi, Southern BBQ, or traditional American traditions, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in one of the 40+ restaurants this area calls its own.

Take a Ride on Alpine Coaster

Take a break from the skis or snowboard, make a reservation for Alpine Coaster and take a ride. Alpine Coaster is located by the Gondola in Snowmass. It’s over a mile track where you can get a speed up to 28mph.

Ski Your Way to Snowmass Colorado Winter Fun

No planned Snowmass Colorado winter getaway would be entirely complete without time spent and savored on the stunning slopes. Snowmass and Aspen combine to create a world-class ski area featuring over 5,500 acres of land to be explored and enjoyed. Whether you’re new to the sport or seeking out double black diamond terrain, The Snowmass and Aspen ski areas are not to be missed. Lessons are readily available for newcomers while gear can be rented with ease. Daily, weekly, and seasonal passes make accessing the summits easier than ever—allowing the adventure to continue for as long as you’d like!

Explore on Two Wheels

The many exciting mountain trails that make Snowmass such a delight in the summer months continued to be maintained throughout the winter, opening up a world of possibilities for those that are excited about exploring on two wheels. Fat tire biking is a popular activity across Snowmass and rentals aren’t hard to find in this area. Feel like trying something unique and new?

Plan Your Own Winter Photography Tour

Of course, sometimes the best winter getaways to Snowmass happen at a slower pace. When you’re excited to be escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and are hoping to relax in the great outdoors, planning your very own photography tour can be an ideal solution. Grab your camera, bundle up, and hit the trails at a leisurely pace, snapping special moments as you go. Wildlife spotters won’t be disappointed when they plan this type of excursion while winter bird spotting can be incorporated into the journey as well!

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

When you can’t wait to get a new perspective on your winter getaway to Snowmass, a hot air balloon ride is sure to do the trick. Local businesses like Above It All Balloon Co. offer year-round excursions that offer up sweeping views of the terrain and are sure to be as breathtaking as they are beautiful.

Book Your Snowmass Adventure Today

Taking time to explore Snowmass is worth it any time of year, but having the right accommodations in place for the adventure can elevate your experience even further! Contact Timberline today to learn more about our many area rental properties that can take your next Snowmass adventure to the next level of excellence.