Enjoy one of our signature dishes from Snowmass, Colorado’s Edge restaurant at home.

Unfortunately, the 2020 ski season skiing season ended sooner than we expected and everyone misses the alpine environment. Nonetheless, our restaurant will be opening for the summer. Once we open we can all enjoy delicious meals prepared by chef Jason with fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains. In the meantime, you can make and enjoy some of our featured dishes at home.

One of our most popular dishes at the Edge is Cheese Fondue.

The way our chef prepares the Cheese Fondue at the Edge Restaurant is easy and fun. The best part of cooking Cheese Fondue is that everyone around can join, cook, and have fun. It could be a socializing event that brings a great atmosphere of being together.


This dish originally comes from Switzerland, and preparing this at home gives you the chance to explore a part of Swiss culture with family, friends, and roommates.

Here are some tips from our chef for your fondue at home:

  • Use good quality cheese.
  • For original Swiss fondue use a mix of traditional, firm mountain-style cheese.
  • Make the fondue mix like butter.
  • Grate the cheese for quicker melting.
  • Toss the cheese with cornstarch. This helps the fondue cheese from clumping.
  • Use good white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. It will help to keep the cheese smooth.

What is the best for cheese fondue skewers?

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Bread
  • Bacon
  • Pickles
  • Roasted potatoes

Choosing the proper pot for fondue provides better testing. Here are options of pots for fondue:

Electric you can find here
Sterno you can find here

Here is the recipe with all ingredients and the steps for preparing

Enjoy your Cheese Fondue and time with family, friends, and roommates. Let us know how your experience was with Alpine dish at your home FB and Instagram