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Whitewater Rafting on the Roaring Fork

Aspen and Snowmass are some of the most highly sought-after winter sports locations in the country, but many people miss out on the amazing summertime activities. One such activity that is simply amazing in Snowmass and Aspen is whitewater rafting. This incredible activity combines thrill-seeking with scenic nature views to create an amazing experience. Make sure to check out this amazing activity during your visit.

What Is Whitewater Rafting?

Whitewater rafting generally involves some kind of inflatable watercraft that will provide proper buoyancy and safety when bouncing off of rocks in the water. Whitewater is a form of river water that is characterized by fast, shallow stretches of water. These shallow stretches are known as rapids and come in different grades or levels of choppiness/difficulty of passage. Grades range in number from one through six, with one being the gentlest and six being the most dangerous. Most class-six rapids are considered unnavigable on a reliably safe basis—they are for professional rafters or kayakers only!

There are many different local companies that run whitewater excursions and we definitely recommend these for anyone but the most experienced rafters.

Colorado whitewater rafting is extremely fun but can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. These excursions will include all of the equipment you need with an experienced guide helping you out.

Whitewater Rafting on the Roaring Fork River

The Roaring Fork River contains an upper and lower section that provides for some great whitewater rafting. The Lower Roaring Fork cuts through the area from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs and features incredible views as well as class two and class three rapids. The Upper Roaring Fork is a portion of the river that stretches from Woody Creek to Basal and has mostly class three rapids with plenty of adventure. Both of these sections of the Roaring Fork are available during the summer season with May generally having the fastest waters for Whitewater Rafting on the Roaring Fork.

The Colorado River and Shoshone Rapids

Another great option for Colorado whitewater rafting is through Glenwood Canyon. This section of the Colorado River has famous class three rapids including the Superstition, Pinball, and The Wall rapids. Overall, these rapids are pretty amazing, but the trip is also relatively short. We still suggest that you hit these famous rapids, but you may want to consider running through these multiple times!

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