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Top 5 Tourist Hotspots in Snowmass, Colorado

Snowmass, Colorado is a premiere vacation destination with many things for you to do. In the winter Snowmass is one of the best places to ski and snowboard and is home to the best slopes in the country. In the summer these slopes melt into beautiful and pristine natural beauty. You can easily be overloaded with amazing activities in Snowmass, so here are our top five Colorado tourism hotspots in Snowmass.

East Snowmass Trail

East Snowmass Trail is one of the best hiking trails in all of Snowmass. This trail begins with a steep ascent through alpine forests of evergreen and aspen trees. The trail continues for 7.3 miles where it ascends a full 3.631 feet for a summit elevation of 12,014 feet. This trail is perfect for those who are looking for a hiking or mountain biking experience. This gorgeous trail is perfect for summer guests as the trail is packed with wildflowers and visitors can spot the various wildlife that lives around Snowmass. The trail is rated as difficult due to the pure elevation gain of the trail, but is moderately accessible by bike, foot, or horseback.

Colorado Tourism on the Government Trail

The Government trail will take mountain bikers for a 13.8-mile ride through the Rocky Mountains. This trail is complete with groves of aspen trees, wide green meadows bursting with wildflowers, and deep green forests of evergreen and aspen trees. The Government Trail is a popular mountain biking trail due to its one-way singletrack with over 2,000 feet of ascent and over 2,500 feet of descent along the way with a peak elevation of 9,606 feet above sea level. This trail is truly amazing, but make sure you make arrangements to be picked up since the trail is only one way. There is a shuttle to get back to Snowmass from the end of the trail for a small fee. This trail is open during the summer after elk calving season has ended. Riders of the Government Trail should expect to see some wildlife along the way, so make sure to bring your camera but keep a safe distance.

Jazz Aspen Snowmass

Jazz Aspen Snowmass, or JAS as its often referred to, is a group that dedicates its time and effort to performing and preserving the jazz genre of music and its associated culture. This organization is a for-profit company that puts on many events and performances throughout the year from artists big and small. Their season of events is entering its 30th year and they are putting on various shows and events throughout the summer months. They hold events throughout the week and weekend, so make sure that you check out their calendar of events to see what works for your planned vacation. Their events vary from large outdoor shows to small indoor events, so they really have an experience for just about everyone seeking a jazz experience when exploring Colorado hot spots.

Lost Forest Adventure Park

During the summer, the Aspen Snowmass Resort turns into a family-friendly entertainment wonderland, and the Lost Forest Adventure Park is the keystone of the fun. Lost Forest Adventure Park is located on Snowmass Mountain in the Elk Camp area and features amazing attractions for people of all ages. Their attraction lineup features their alpine coaster called the Breathtaker, the Canopy Run Zipline Course, and the 14 Land Rugged Ascent Climbing Wall. The Breathtaker is a gravity coaster where guests will zip down the side of the mountain at high speeds with amazing views. The Canopy Run Zipline Course is a series of long zip lines that propel you through the tree tops for a really unique and exhilarating view of Snowmass. The 14 Land Rugged Ascent Climbing Wall brings you, an inner rock climber, to life and features different levels of difficulty. The Lost Forest is a really fun and exciting experience that you will have to visit during your trip.

The Artisan at Stonebridge Inn

The beautiful Stonebridge Inn is a Snowmass institution and is a must-visit on your list of Colorado hot spots while you are in town. The Stonebridge Inn is only a short walk from the slopes and lies in Snowmass Village. The Inn is a historic representation of the traditional winter lodge and is a beautiful resort by itself, but the keystone of Stonebridge Inn is the amazing restaurant on site. The Artisan is a must-visit restaurant with pristine views of Snowmass and an amazing menu. The Artisan is beloved by the local community for its seasonal cuisine and comfortable atmosphere. You can snuggle up in the winter by the cozy fireplace in the lounge or sit down and relax with a casual dining experience. During the summer months, their patio is amazing and overlooks the lush forests of Snowmass.