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Mountain Biking

When the weather gets a little warmer and the snow begins to melt, Aspen and Snowmass shift gears. Instead of focusing on skiing and other snow sports, the towns’ focus turn to summer sports and the beautiful forests that are now exposed. One of the best activities to take advantage of during the summers in Aspen and Snowmass is mountain biking in Snowmass.

Trails for Mountain Biking Snowmass

Mountain biking is a common activity in the summertime in Aspen and Snowmass. Guests can race down the dusty trails that are carved into the slopes normally covered in snow. No matter your experience level, there is an option for you. There are local paved trails specifically designed for Mountain biking snowmass, or you can venture out and try one of the more difficult off-road trails. There are several local sporting goods stores that rent equipment by the day or longer so that you can explore on your own time on your next vacation.

Snowmass Bike Park

One of the mountain bike trail options in Aspen and Snowmass is the Snowmass Bike Park. You can access this amazing mountain bike trail option through the Elk Camp Gondola and chairlift. There are several different mountain biking in Snowmass trails that you can access via this lift on your next vacation, and each one has its own distinct personality, scenic beauty, and skill level.

Vapor is the intermediate freeride trail. This trail serves up 2.6 miles of freeride terrain and over 1400 feet of vertical drop. It begins at the lift and descends through a wide-open meadow, over bridges and berms, and through groves of both aspen and evergreen trees. The trail ends at the top of the elk camp gondola, where you can then transition to one of the lower trails.

Animal Crackers is an advanced trail; in fact, it is the most difficult trail in the upper zone. This trail is narrow and will challenge riders for nearly two miles with steep descents, rock gardens, and off-chamber traverses through loamy pine forests and alpine meadows.

French Press is an intermediate trail. This is a newer, more difficult freeride trail that starts at the top of the Elk Camp chairs that winds down towards the west and reconnects with the network mid-mountain.

Finally, the new Dust Bunny Trail is an intermediate technical trail. This trail is accessed via the upper French Press Trail and weaves through mature evergreen groves and subalpine meadows. Riders should expect a combination of machine and hand-built turns through a mile of trail and 500 feet of decent.

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