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A Snowmass Adventure Journey

The lush and dynamic terrain that makes up the Snowmass and Aspen area is such that adventure seekers from near and far find it irresistible year after year. No matter what season brings you this way, Snowmass has a way of bringing travelers back time and again for even more adventure that couldn’t be fit into the literary the first time around. When adrenaline-pumping fun is your style, then Snowmass is a destination that promises to deliver. The following are just a few of many stops to enjoy when you’re planning a Snowmass adventure.

Ski the Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort

The mountains are a focal point for many adventurous visitors coming to Snowmass and if your journey brings you here in the winter, time well spent at the Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort promises to be a highlight of your adventurous stay. This upscale resort is known and loved for the fact that it encompasses four mountains in total, providing skiers, snowboarders, and outdoor adventurers of all types with seemingly endless terrain to explore. From mogul runs and challenging downhill treks, this ski resort is at the top of the list of many wintertime enthusiasts. Since opening in 1967, this resort has remained a top priority for skiers looking to enjoy the best resorts in the world. The resort is located at 120 Lower Carriage Way with access points at Snowmass Village.

Hike Capitol Peak

For some outdoor adventurers headed to Snowmass, there’s no challenge more appealing and thrilling then a trek up Capital Peak, one of the top Aspen Snowmass activities. While stunning alpine views are your reward, this is often looked at as one of the state’s most challenging destinations and a well-regarded 14er. It’s intended for only the most experienced of hikers and climbers, but if you want to live an adventurous life and have your sights set on lofty and adventurous goals, this is the place you want to be. Ridges, rocks, and plenty of exposure define the landscape of this hike, making it as difficult as it is rewarding if you reach the summit.

Enjoy Rock Climbing

Whether you’re new to rock climbing or are looking for the next great challenge, it’s an adventurous addition to any itinerary when you’re in the Snowmass area. Enjoy the views and thrills that await from sky-high heights. Snowmass is home to a variety of cliffs, walls, and crevice that make for captivating climbing experiences for adventurers of all skill levels.

Book Your Snowmass Adventure Today

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