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Hot Air Ballooning

Aspen and Snowmass have some of the most scenic views in the entire country. The massive mountains and lush forests make for an amazing view on foot, but even more so from the air. If you are looking to see this amazing area of the county from a whole new viewpoint, make sure you check out hot air balloon rides in Snowmass and Aspen on your list of activities.

How Does Hot Air Ballooning Work?

Most people have at least seen a hot air balloon soar through the air. These massive balloons lift a small basket into the air using a heat source right above the basket to control the temperature of the air inside the balloon. Heating up the air within the balloon will lift up the entire balloon due to the temperature difference of the air in the balloon versus the exterior air temperature. These amazing feet of physics propels the balloon into the sky at amazing heights above Aspen and Snowmass.

Launching in Aspen and Snowmass

Hot air balloons launch at all times of the day depending on your booking for your Hot Air ballooning Snowmass pleasure, but one of our favorite ways to enjoy this amazing activity is at sunrise. The large balloons begin to fill with hot air just before the sun crests the mountains. This time of day will give guests an amazing view of the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains. This time of day also provides for the calmest ride in the hot air balloons since the winds tend to be the lowest and most stable. Typically, the mountain winds tend to make launching in the afternoon and evening much more dangerous. The balloons will lurch into the air just after sunrise and give visitors some of the most scenic and unique viewpoints in all of Aspen and Snowmass.

There are many different companies that launch hot air balloons in the Aspen and Snowmass area. These companies all offer full-day excursions for those looking to get into the air. One of our favorite packages for Hot Air ballooning Snowmass includes a full morning hot air balloon ride at sunrise followed by a champagne breakfast afterwards. This is the best way to take in the sights and then relax with an amazing breakfast afterwards. Many companies also offer a personalized flight certificate and pictures with massive hot air balloons to memorialize this amazing activity from your trip to Aspen and Snowmass.

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