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Hiking in Aspen Snowmass

Snowmass, Colorado is home to incredible hiking.  Whether you prefer generally flat hiking or are looking to stand on top of a local mountain, you’ll find a wide range of hiking opportunities.  From the front door of our Snowmass condo lodging, you can access miles of trails.  Also, the Burlingame lift operates in the summer and will transport you and your equipment to a series of trails higher on Snowmass mountain.
Trail Map

The summer hiking season generally runs from June until September.  Trail conditions in late Spring and early Fall are dependent on seasonal snowfall.  Some years you can find yourself hiking a dry trail until early November, while other years snowfall comes in early and covers the trails with a blanket of snow.  The Elk Camp Gondola operates late June until early September daily from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm, and access all Snowmass Mountain Trails.

Guided Hiking Tours through Blazing Adventures

We can cater to all your hiking needs, full day, ¾ day or half day, beginner, intermediate or advanced.  We have some wonderful hikes, with great views and very serene.  Our guides will give you some local knowledge along the way.  Half day trips are adult $71.50 + tax, child $61.50 + tax, ¾ day includes lunch adult $97.50 + tax, Full day trip also includes lunch adults $126.50 + tax.

Here are a few of the Timberline staff’s favorite trails:

Ditch Trail – Accessible from Snowmass Village, the Ditch Trail is a great easy hike in the Snowmass area.  It is an out and back trail that takes 1-2 hours to hike/walk.
Tom Blake Trail – A meandering trail through Aspen meadows, the Tom Blake Trail is an easy to moderate hike accessible from Snowmass Village.
Rim Trail – Hike an alpine ridge line on the Rim Trail.  Great views of Snowmass Mountain and other nearby 14,000 foot peaks.
Government Trail – Traveling from Aspen to Snowmass, the Government Trail is a moderate to difficult hike with spectacular scenery.

Snowmass Hiking Tips

1. Be Prepared –  Carry the essentials on all hikes in and around Snowmass.  This should include but not be limited to the following: map, water, sunscreen, rain gear, food, sunglasses, warm clothing, communications devices such as a cell phone, and first aid kit.
2. Leave behind the Cotton – Instead wear synthetic clothes that wick moisture and dry easily.
3. Don’t Forget to Look Around – Too often hikers find themselves overly focused on the trail and don’t take enough time to absorb the scenery.  Don’t forget to look around at the Elk Mountains, alpine meadows and lakes.
4. Respect the Altitude – Hiking in the Snowmass area is at relatively high altitudes.  If it is your first or second day at these altitudes consider staying on the lower elevation trails and work you way up to the trails that ascend to higher altitudes once you have your mountain legs and lungs on.
5. Choose a Trail Appropriate for your Fitness Level – There are many hiking trails in and around Snowmass.  Be sure to pick one appropriate for your skill and fitness level.

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