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Indoor Activities in Snowmass

While Snowmass is known for its epic outdoor exploration possibilities, even the greatest adventurers need a break sometimes. Whether you have encountered a day with less-than-ideal weather or you simply want to add variety to the itinerary, Snowmass offers a selection of indoor things to do that will keep everyone entertained. From family-friendly excursions to things to do on date night, these indoor Snowmass activities will add variety to your stay.

Snowmass Ice Age Discovery Center

As recently as 2010, the fossil of a Columbian mammoth was discovered in Snowmass’s Ziegler Reservoir. Upon further discovery, this was actually part of an entire fossilized ecosystem from the last ice age. In the end, bones and teeth from mammoths, mastodons, ice age camels, giant ground sloths, ice age deer, and giant bison all formed the astounding discovery that came to be known as Snowmastadon. The Snowmass Ice Age Discovery Center walks visitors through this amazing find, transporting you back into the ice age. Fossils and replicas are on display, and videos and photos help you feel a part of the experience. This is one of free indoor Snowmass activities great for the whole family!

Snowmass Activities at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Snowmass is home to more than outdoor adventures, as is proven at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. This sprawling venue is home to an art gallery and spacious art studios which are used for both artists in residence and for workshops that cater to locals and visitors. Located on the property, the Patton-Malott Gallery is well worth a visit and houses a wide variety of contemporary art pieces. The Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s calendar is filled with workshop opportunities that cater to a wide variety of interest and skill levels. Single-day workshops geared toward kids are a great way to add variety into your family vacation in Snowmass. There are also many multi-day workshops that will enhance the level of more serious artists, with everything from watercolor to woodworking.

Wheeler Opera House

Add entertainment to your evening by snagging tickets to a live show at Wheeler Opera House. This historic mainstay has been in existence since its construction in 1889, though a series of renovations have occurred since that time. It still retains much of its original features and charm and continues bringing entertainment to the Aspen and Snowmass area. Today, Wheeler Opera House keeps a full calendar of entertainment, offering everything from bluegrass to dance and comedy.

No matter the season or weather, there are always ways to enjoy your mountain vacation with some of these indoor activities in Snowmass!

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