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Memorial Day Vacation Rentals in Snowmass

Memorial Day Weekend immediately sparks memories of barbecues, lawn games, and spending time with those you love while remembering those you lost. To most, this means a backyard affair, but we recommend getting out of your normal routine and celebrating Memorial Day in style with a trip to Snowmass. To elevate your Snowmass Memorial Day to the next level, make sure you try one of our amazing vacation rentals in the area.

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Snowmass Vacation Rentals

The first thing to determine on your Memorial Day Weekend trip is where and how you will be staying in Snowmass. When people think of visiting Snowmass, the default is generally to book a small hotel or resort room. This is always problematic because you have people double bunking in small hotel rooms that have no real amenities to help you enjoy your stay. We suggest trying out a vacation rental instead. Vacation rentals are full homes, townhomes, condos, and cabins that are available to rent and priced competitively. Unlike similar services where you rent a room in a home, these rentals give you access to the entire home and the peace and privacy that goes with it.

Perks and Amenities

Vacation homes come with a slew of perks and amenities, especially when visiting over Memorial Day Weekend. The most important of these amenities is the access to a fully equipped kitchen. Unlike resorts and hotels, vacation rentals give you access to the entire home that you are renting, including a full kitchen with accessories including silverware, plates, cups, cookware, and anything else you will need to cook a delicious meal. What most people don’t realize when planning a vacation is the significant cost associated with meals. Most of the time you will need to eat out since you normally don’t have access to cook your own food. Although delicious, this method of vacationing is quite expensive. With a full kitchen at your disposal, you will save money with the option to eat a little more nutritious as well. Along with the fully equipped kitchen, many of the vacation rentals in Snowmass feature amazing views of the beautiful mountains in the area. You can enjoy a great home cooked meal and take in the amazing sights of the area.

These perks especially ring true for Memorial Day in Snowmass. Since many are looking to barbeque and get outside for this holiday, many vacation rentals come equipped with outdoor patios, decks, and barbeque grills for your Memorial Day party. Whether you want to get out and enjoy one of the many Memorial Day events around Snowmass or stay at your beautiful vacation rental, you will be all set for your out of town Memorial Day celebration!

Memorial Day Events in Snowmass

When you are staying in your amazing vacation rental for Memorial Day Weekend, make sure you consider one of these amazing events in Snowmass for Memorial Day Weekend.

Skiing and Snowboarding for Your Snowmass Memorial Day

Although ski season generally ends in early spring, Memorial Day in Snowmass occasionally brings smaller storms that will still put powder on the ground for you to enjoy. These small storms will bring in some precipitation that ends up putting snow on the mountains during the cold nights but won’t ruin your amazing weather during the day. This unique situation provides for some of the most interesting skiing and snowboarding you will ever see. You will notice many shredding on the snow filled slopes in short sleeve shirts and shorts!

Mountain Biking Ski Mountain Park

If your trip doesn’t include a late season snow, you should check out any of the mountain biking trails throughout Snowmass. When the snow melts, the ski routes quickly change to amazing hiking and mountain biking trails. One of our favorite trails is the Mountain Biking Trail at Sky Mountain Park. Located between Snowmass Mountain and Buttermilk Mountain, this is the best of the best in biking trails. The trails are varying in skill level so there is something for everyone on this local favorite trail. Feel free to bring your own mountain bike or check out any of the local bike shops for a pristine rental.

White Water Rafting in the Roaring Fork River

The Roaring Fork River winds through Fork Valley and provides for some of the most amazing views of the area. If weather is warmer during your Memorial Day trip to Snowmass, this is a must try activity. This winding and rapid water route has something for every skill level. No matter if you are trekking your own white water rafting gear with you or renting with a local company, you are sure to have a blast. Many companies have river guides and full day excursion options for those looking for the full rafting experience.